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Our Hydrogen Stick is ;

Patented US, Japan and Korea

A large amount of hydrogen gas is generated in a short period of time and released from the whole surface of the cartridge in the form of micro bubbles so as to be dissolved in raw water (up to 150F ) in the container.

Anyplace Anywhere Anytime

1 stick or 2 for under 35 years old, 

2 sticks or 3 for over 35 years old, (Maximum strength is 3).

Take out from packages, and after slightly rinsing with tap water, and just insert to any water bottle you drink,  keep soaking in, be ready to drink in 20 minutes.

Superior invention

Our Hydrogen producing sticks are not like the electrical ionizer or hydrogen gas infused pouch drink.

It keeps generating hydrogen gas freshly in the water all the time. 

It is convenient to carry around any places without electricity.

Reusable and Cost effective

Our hydrogen sticks are last 6 months using 1 stick, for 10 - 12 months using 3 sticks with monthly maintenance by vinegar/water. 

Smooth and Tasty water to drink

Once you start drinking Our Hydrogen Rich Water, so tasty that even bringing to restaurants and places you go.  

Hydrogen en-rich stick

Just add on to your water bottle



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Hydrogen Rich Water 101

The Hydrogen Rich Water Stick product helps to decrease the danger of Free Radical Oxygen in your drinking water. The POWER of Hydrogen Enriched Water works to neutralize these toxins. The benefit of reducing these free radicals is a stronger immune system. A stronger immune system, equals a more healthy & beautiful body! 


Harmful Free Radical Oxygen

Our body protects our cells by natural defense, called SOD Enzyme, however once a person reaches the age of 35, we lose this enzyme. Our body contains 60 Trillion cells and at that point, every hour 4 ounces of cells are damaged by free radical oxygen and start deteriorating our immunity; luckily, molecular hydrogen reacts only with harmful free radical oxygen species and neutralize them. This method has been improving peoples health with no side effect over the past 30 years. The daily usage is only 46 - 60 cents. 


Patented HydrogenRich Water Sticks

  Developer: Hidemitsu Hayashi, M. D. Born in 1938. Graduated from Doctor Course of Medical School of Kobe University, Japan in 1968. Specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery. After 20 years of clinical experiences as a surgeon, he started to do research on water in 1985. The year of 2001, he succeeded in developing “Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick” in 2001 which produces Hydrogen Rich Water very simply, reliably and inexpensively. In December 2005, he developed a new stick which is made of micro porous sintered polypropylene tube which is the “only one” product among a lot of imitated ones. Patented in US, Japan and Korea. 


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Mel used Hydrogen sticks for only 2 months and;

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10th Anniversary appreciation

Customer's happy face encourage me to come this far. Thank you for all!

Wishing Forever young!

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Maintenance ( Once a month)

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